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Inspiring Transformations that Matter

Before and More | creative agency is a business built on the idea that shame-based marketing has no place in health or wellness. The “Before and After” transformations that are supposed to inspires us to lead more healthy, active, and connected lives just leave us striving for an impossible ideal. We work with change-making health and wellness businesses and self-care professionals to create body positive marketing campaigns, and host educational events that help people find self-care resources that make a difference in their lives.


Kate Browne, Founder and CEO

Kate Browne is an outspoken advocate for self-care as community care, and she uses her online project Taking Up Space to educate women on how to redefine what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. In her own journey from chronic dieter to multi-sport athlete, Kate used expertise in rhetoric to think critically about the message we receive daily about health, wellness, and who is allowed to be seen.

After she completed her PhD, Kate began engaging with marketing strategy by “fixing” fitness inspiration memes to share a message without shame.She heard from many Taking Up Space readers who said that they never paid much attention to how harmful these fitspo messages are, and now think critically about advertisements for health and fitness products. Kate continued to posted edited advertisements, and she had an unexpected opportunity to enact change for national gym brand LifeTime Fitness.

As the founder and CEO of Before and More, Kate works with personal trainers, massage therapists, academic researchers, and artists who are taking a stand against shame-based marketing strategies. Her clients are transforming their businesses and their clients lives by focusing on building their businesses in a way that doesn’t rely on psychological manipulation, exclusion, or zero-sum competition.


Before and More | creative agency offers strategy consulting and turnkey copywriting services for a wide range of marketing platforms including blog posts, email marketing sequencing, sales copy, website copy, brand-integrated Facebook group, and, well, more! Drop Kate a line at kate@beforeandmore.co or schedule a complimentary strategy session.



We Believe That:

  • Growth and transformation are not mutually exclusive goals
  • All bodies deserve care
  • Self-care is community care
  • Body positivity is more than a buzzword–it’s a way of life
  • Individuals and brands have the power to change the course of health and wellness marketing
  • We have a right and responsibility to use our wealth and influence to create and grow ethical, community-centered businesses that reject predatory, shame-based marketing tactics

Our clients:

  • Provide products and services that empower their clients to express themselves holistically
  • Want to grow their business on their own terms without sacrificing integrity
  • Know that personal transformation has the power to impact whole communities
  • Get paid


How We Work

Before and More is a consulting and strategy company, which means we work with you and your implementation team to produce the content you need. When you hire us for a project, you’ll receive a proposal that includes what you can expect of us and what we ask of you as our client. We’ll let you know who will be doing the work, what our deadlines and deliverables are, and the scope of work we agreed on.


We work with clients at all stages of business from pre-professional entrepreneurs to established businesses and national brands. Financial accessibility and price transparency are important core values, so we offer service packages at a range of costs starting at one-time consulting hours to recurring monthly retainers.

"the world needs your story. we help you tell it."