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Hello! I’m Kate.

I help emerging thought leaders find, create, and share their best stories for fun and profit. Whether you want to grow your business, write a next blockbuster memoir, or tell great jokes at cocktail parties, I know how to make stories work for you.


Story Development

Experiences become unforgettable stories through a process. I can help you decide what to share (and what not to!) and how to craft it into a story people will love to hear. 

Brand Strategy

Your brand is a collection of stories you tell about who you are, what you do, and who your customers are. Let’s build a story culture to rival Apple!


Writing Habit Coaching

Make that lifelong dream of becoming a published author a reality! I wrote my first book with a newborn and a full-time job. Trust me–you can do this!


We can call this service “intensive developmental editing” if you want. Your secret (and your story) is safe with me.


Speaker Coaching

I use my training as an acting teacher and professional speaker to help you take your talk from meh to mesmerizing!

Corporate Training

Do you know what stories your employees are telling about your company? Have a workforce that doesn’t know how to talk to people? Call me.

I believe in the power of stories.

Here’s why: 

Stories are powerful

 There’s an old cliche about the storyteller sitting around the fire sharing life lessons to new generations. Except…it’s not a cliche. It’s real. Humans have a long history of using stories to teach people how to connect, how to live, and how to fit in. New media gives us unprecedented opportunities to tell a multitude of stories–not just the ones the storyteller decides.

Stories are fun

I don’t know anyone who would disagree. It’s why we go to the movies and watch TED Talks and stream YouTube videos for hours.  We build real-world experiences like book clubs and theme parks around stories.

Stories are HUMAN

 Computers can do a lot of interesting stuff that makes our lives better. But computers can’t share offline stories (no matter what the machine learning folks tell you…) with the depth of feeling that allows stories to do their best work. Stories connect humans with other humans in a way no machine can replicate.

Here’s what people say about my work

I think Kate is some kind of mind reader. She has this way of getting inside my brain and making sense of the chaos to help me articulate just what I’m trying to say with my brand. She’s one of the most genuine, humble, and talented people I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

Micki Krimmel, CEO @ Superfit Hero 

Kate's advice and coaching is insightful, real, funny - and most of all - ACTIONABLE!

Brianne Huntsman, CEO @ The Huntswoman LLC

I watch, I read, I cry... I am inspired. To be better than I am, more than I think I can be. Kate helps others in the best way possible—through sincere dedication to loving others and encouraging them to live as themselves. Awesome tips, tricks, and affirmations. I have not seen her equal since Stewart Smalley.

Anonymous Coaching Client

I would listen to Kate talk about a paper bag!

Body Positive Fitness Alliance member

Kate Browne is a wonderful woman and a fun teacher who really tries.

First-year composition student evaluation

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