Hi, I’m Kate!

I started keeping a diary when I was eight years old. Twenty years later, I made the study of how people write about themselves my full time job. In between, I was a theatre teacher, a child support enforcement officer, and an overnight call center representative for a major insurance company.

(Ask me about the time someone filed a claim because a hog ran into their car.)

But no matter what, I always come back to the power of the stories we tell about ourselves and others.

Will you be hero or the villan in the story of your life?

The choices we make when we tell the story of our lives, our businesses, and our world matter.

Some call this “witnessing.” Others call it “marketing.”

I call it taking up space.

I work as a speaker, writer, and consultant to help creative, passionate people change the world with stories.

You have a story the world needs to hear. Let’s tell it together.