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kate browne she is blonde with short hair and blue glasses in front of a bright blue background

A Short List of Notable Facts:

  • She/Her pronouns
  • PhD in English Studies
  • Writes about body image + pop culture (special place her heart for writing about narratives of body size on television)
  • The Golden Girls, the first academic book on the sitcom of the same name, forthcoming May 2020 from Wayne State University Press
  • Founder of Taking Up Space, a blog project that advocates for inclusive fitness and body positive marketing in health & wellness industries
  • VP of Communications for the Body Positive Fitness Alliance
  • Has a TEDx Talk
  • Considers “writer” the primary occupation in the writer-speaker-consultant triad. Published articles at Runner’s World, FabUPlus and Girls Gone Strong with featured contributor posts on Medium and Thrive Global
  • Consultant for wellness brands that want to successfully execute body positive campaigns without getting dragged by the Internet (looking at you, Aerie) and activewear brands that want to expand their size range (which they all should)
  • Professional keynote speaker and workshop facilitator for hire on topics such as women’s empowerment, changing your body image narrative, the importance of shame-free marketing
  • Loves being a guest on podcasts. Evidence: Well + Weird, Lean the F*uck Out, Not Your Average Runner, Academics Mean Business, Plus Performance
  • Unlikely marathoner
  • Maintains a haphazardly-branded IG presence at @drkatebrowne
  • Finally paying someone to design her a proper website; appreciates your patience

Let’s Create Something Great Together

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