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I’m Dr. Kate Browne! I’m a writer, speaker, and self-care advocate. I am passionate about creating a world where everyone is allowed to make decisions about their health and wellness from a place of love. I believe that all bodies have value, that confidence is a practice, and that joyful movement is the foundation of lifelong self-care. I believe that self-care is community care, and it is always in service of liberation.

To me, body positivity is about presence. It’s a way of thinking about how we move through the world and interact with others that allows each of us enough space for self-expression in whatever way feels right. Body positivity is the responsibility we have to ourselves and each other to ensure access to the widest range of health and wellness options possible.

I practice wellness by laughing a lot, running, getting enough sleep, connecting with friends and family, and sharing my Taking Up Space work by writing and speaking. Sometimes I like the physical challenge of competing in powerlifting meets, and sometimes I like to challenge myself through meditation. My idea of a great day is a leisurely Sunday brunch on a beautiful patio followed by some writing and a nap. Add some yoga, margaritas, and karaoke to that day and I’m definitely living my Best Life.

What can I do for you?

I am a writer, speaker, and body positive self-care expert. I strive to be the mentor and role model that I needed when I first started questioning the role of diet culture in my life. When you’re up against a body image challenge, it’s easy to retreat back to diets and quick-fix fitness because it’s familiar and you know what to expect. I found out pretty quickly that the support of someone who has been there before can make all the difference if you really want to learn how to stand in your power. I offer one-on-one coaching and small group coaching through my Self Love Squad.

I am also passionate about helping groovy and wholehearted health and wellness service professionals reach the people who need their work. I work with entrepreneurs and businesses who want to stand out as inclusive, diverse leaders in the health, fitness, and beauty industries. My work has appeared on Mommyish, Fit Is a Feminist IssueUS News & World Report and Refinery29.

Drop me a line!

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or send an email to kate@beforeandmore.co

If you are an event organizer, I would love to talk with you about how I can bring my message of radical self-care to your audience! I love live events, and I am a dynamic and engaging speaker. You can learn more about the kinds of presentations and workshops I lead over here on this page.