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I’d Like to Teach the World to Teach

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Hello, friend! I’m Dr. Kate Browne and I love helping creative people become more confident teachers. I slay tech dragons & stage fright in equal measure to clear a path for life-changing learning. In my own teaching practice, I’m a body positive educator & group fitness instructor.

I come from an academic background in the humanities teaching theatre, dramatic literature, gender studies and writing. Every course I’ve ever taught in over 10 years in higher education has had an elearning component. In fact, I currently teach a university course on digital scholarship and use social media as a teaching tool in my business. I love the convenience of delivering course content online and look forward to the bright future of the elearning industry. But there’s a problem: technology can’t replace great teaching.

Problem: entrepreneurs focus more on how to sell their online course than developing learning outcomes

Problem: companies think they’re saving money on instructor-led, classroom training with an online course only to find out that employees aren’t actually learning anything and still making costly mistakes

Problem: universities inadequately address disparities in technological competencies among faculty, fostering negative stigma around digital pedagogy


maximize the efficiency of digital course delivery with the transformative experience of instructor-led training

Technology should make it easier for learners to access your knowledge and for you to spend more time connecting with them. I can help you strike the right balance to build a curriculum that works for you and your learners. Reach out for a course audit or check out my upcoming workshops for solopreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners.

Let’s teach together!

If contact forms aren’t your style, drop me a line at hello@katebrowne.net