I’m Dr. Kate Browne! My personal journey from chronic dieter to body confidence expert happened while I was studying weight loss success stories as part of my research on autobiographical literature and diet culture history. I found that the stories we tell about ourselves and others are too often marketing tactics that sell not just weight loss products, but an After lifestyle. I am on a mission to make it possible to tell more diverse stories about what it’s like to live in particular kinds of bodies–the kinds of stories that meet us where we are instead of striving for an impossible ideal.

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I am the founder of Taking Up Space, a project that challenges diet culture rhetoric in everyday life. I write, speak, and coach on body positive fitness and body confidence, and I have been affiliated through the Body Positive Fitness Alliance since 2016. My work has been featured on US News & World Report and Refinery29.

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I am always interested in new ways to write, speak, and teach. Here are some things I’d love to do:

  • Consult on technology-informed research projects (UX/LX/accessibility)
  • Host a workshop on basic digital technology skills
  • Be a guest on your podcast
  • Write a regular feature on a given topic
  • Collaborate on a HAES-informed body confidence program for teens
  • Present my talk “Find Your Fit” to body positive gyms/exercise spaces

If you have an opportunity like any of the above, let’s talk!