Dr. Kate Browne helps people learn how to take up space in business and life as an autobiographical writing expert and brand storyteller. She has over ten years of experience teaching persuasive writing, and uses her PhD in rhetoric for good to help health & wellness businesses grow their marketing reach. Kate is also the founder of Taking Up Space, a self-care advocacy project that educates consumers about positive marketing in the health, wellness, and fitness industries.

Kate is a motivational speaker, and teaches workshops on writing for wellness and positive marketing. She has been a featured speaker at the Body Positive Fitness Alliance, Brittany Bullen’s EntrepreNERDfest, and many academic conferences. Her podcast appearances include Not Your Average Runner Podcast with Jill Angie, Lean the F*ck OutAcademics Mean Business with Lindsay Padilla, The Body Confidence Podcast, and the Plus Performance Podcast. Her TEDx Talk, “How I Found Real Fitness Inspiration: Saying ‘No’ to Fitspo” shows how autobiographical marketing tactics of the 19th century freak show influence marketing in the fitness industry today.

Kate’s research interests include women’s autobiography, popular culture, and digital pedagogy. She is the author of Body Compositiona book about how the “I can do it, so can you” trope in weight loss success stories teaches us how to live. Kate is now writing the first academic book on The Golden Girls for Wayne State University Press.


Kate is a proud mom, an iced coffee enthusiast, and an avid karaoke singer. She is also a multi-sport athlete and recently completed 37 of the 48.6 miles in the 2018 Walt Disney World Marathon Dopey Challenge, a journey she continues to chronicle on Instagram with the hashtag #1000DopeyMiles. Kate recently became a WERQ Fitness instructor, and is the program director for Heat Wave, a women’s running training program.

Kate is sponsored by Superfit Hero