Content to Curriculum Workshop

Let me set the scene.

You do important work to help people live, work, and play as their best self. You’re an artist. A creator. A freewheelin’ free spirit.

Likes: color palettes, ideas, new experiences, helping people thrive

Dislikes: spreadsheets, the term “upsell,” diverting attention away from your work to market yourself

You also have social media accounts that you use to share news about your business and reach new audiences. (And you’re also not-so-secretly hoping that something you post goes viral so you can finally be on Ellen.) You’ve been told that it’s important to create content that provides value to your audience. But what does that even mean? And why does creating valuable content feel like a never-ending suckhole of time and energy that could otherwise be spent actually doing the thing you want to do?

I wish new clients would just come to me so I didn’t have to worry about marketing and just do the work I wanna do. I’m not good at tech stuff!

I hear you.

I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that so long as you want to help people, you’ll always have marketing to do. Even Ellen had to do some marketing for her new Netflix standup special Relatable. (A++ would watch again)

The good news is that I have the spoonful of sugar that will made that medicine go down smooth.

I want you to replace the word “marketing” with the word “teaching.”

Try it on.

You’ll always have teaching to do!

Sound a little better? A little more…helpful?

In Seth Godin’s new book, This Is Marketing, he repeats over and over that marketers “create change.” His argument is that the old days of marketing as techniques to manipulate people into fitting in to the status quo are over. Instead, marketing should bring people together in ways that are meaningful to them. A marketer’s job, then, is to rally people together around a culture.

In other words, to market is to teach.

This is where I come in. I want to help you reframe your social media content not as a giant waste of time with imperceptible ROI but as an important teaching tool that lets you share your best work with the world. I want to teach you how to teach your audience how to become your clients! Sounds super meta, right?

Now comes the part of the sales page where I tell you why you should trust that I’m right.

Let’s start with this–I’ve spent more than 10 years teaching people how to become more confident, more efficient teachers using technology. For the last two years, I’ve been working in my business as a brand strategist, copywriter, and public speaking coach. I’ve hosted workshops for my own teaching practice on body positive media, group fitness, strategic planning and digital marketing. Now, I bring both sides of this work together to teach business owners & freelancers how to teach because you can get someone else to write your sales page or create graphics or take sales calls, but you can’t outsource the transformative teaching that your audience needs.

My Content to Curriculum workshop will help you think like a teacher when it comes to creating social media content (hint: incentive, delivery, assessment) and tap into the power of your own teaching persona to create an in-person or online course of your own. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have everything you need to pitch a workshop to your audience (including the pitch!) that’s a much easier, more effective way to spend time growing your business.

  • Lesson 1: Finding out what you have to teach (trust me–it’s a lot!)
  • Lesson 2: Scaffolding 101 (aka how to build learning outcomes that get your clients where they need to go)
  • Lesson 3: The Practicals (where, who to contact, when, how, how much, also snacks)
  • Lesson 4: How to show up in front of people and teach them something
  • BONUS LESSON: Gordon Ramsey or Bob Ross? Tapping into Your Most Powerful Teaching Persona

PREREQUISITES: You should already have social media accounts and some experience with content creation. Please bring a computing device (phone, tablet, and/or laptop) and be prepared to write!

Cool, cool, Doc Browne, but…everything I see about using online courses talks about automating my course as passive income is the wave of the future. Why would I want to waste time getting in front of a few people at a workshop when I could run my FB ad funnel to a dripped course and just watch the payment notifications come through?

You could definitely do that. But my hunch is that you got into a service-based business because you want to help people, not send them PDF worksheets. Out here in the really real world, connecting with people in person builds relationships and gives you immediate feedback about what people need and how you can address that need. The other thing that people forget is that with in person workshops, you give people the opportunity to meet each other. One of my favorite parts of doing this work is seeing my workshop participants become each other’s clients and friends. It makes sense that people who gravitate toward my work would also be great resources for each other–that’s the kind of feel good growth I know you want to see in the world too.

Okay, got it. It’s all about helping people. But I’m an introvert! The thought of speaking to a group like that makes me want to throw up. I can’t be a workshop leader.

You can! I have tips to share about stage fright and how to practice your workshop flow. But I also have even better news–you don’t have to be a workshop leader! Here’s a freebie tip: partner with someone who does complementary work. Let them lead the speaking portions and you work with people 1:1 during demos or answer questions. You could take the organizing part and they could lead the teaching. There are lots of ways to divide and conquer. Here’s an example: a makeup artist and a photographer lead a workshop on how to style yourself for your first personal branding shoot. Or, a massage therapist and a yoga teacher host a self-care workshop for new moms. Heck, you could even get a group of folks together and host a megaworkshop/online summit/expo. Or, if you’re a business owner with a team, you can have one of your team members take up the mantle of Educator! If you think creatively about the possibilities, you might just uncover a hidden teaching talent on your team.

Okay, ready to join me? Let’s teach and learn together! This workshop is held in person at the Learn to Thrive! Collective space in downtown Bloomington, Illinois AND virtually across the world via Zoom. When registering, make sure you choose the delivery format that works best for you. Questions about the workshop? Drop me a line at