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What I’ve Done

I’m the kind of person who makes people say, “I don’t actually know what you do, but I want to work with you!” That’s not a humble-brag. In fact, it’s feedback that once caused me a lot of distress in a world where good personal branding means assuming that people can’t hold the complexity of knowing that you’re more than “the email marketer” or “the author.”

Now I know that my breadth of experience is one of my biggest strengths. I’ve worked in lots of different industries including theatre, higher ed, commercial service business, personal development, health & wellness, non-profits and government!


Keynote Speaker

I am a funny, engaging speaker who connects with audiences of all kinds. I have delivered keynotes, presentations, and workshops in lots of spaces including universities, corporate events, tradeshows, creative entrepreneur meetings, conferences, and non-profit fundraisers.

My speaking POV is centered around using storytelling to connect offline, creative leadership, and inspiring connection through self-care and wellness.

Upcoming Keynotes

Creative Leadership Everyday

McLean County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program, January 2020

There’s a myth that creativity is a natural talent: you either have it or you don’t. But research shows that creativity is just like any other leadership skill that can be developed through practice. In this interactive presentation, storytelling expert Dr. Kate Browne will help participants see themselves as creative leaders and teach techniques that they can use to become the best version of themselves with easy creative habits every day.

It’s Good for You: Sustaining One Co-Op with Many Food Philosophies

Green Top Grocery C0-Op Annual Owner’s Meeting, March 2020

A co-op mission is supposed to bring people together over a common cause. At GTG, that means “better food access for the community, and to build a stronger, more just local economy.” But how can we support the mission when we all have different philosophies about what “good food” is? In this talk, inclusive health & fitness expert Dr. Kate Browne will explain how body positivity makes it possible to talk about food philosophies while supporting our co-op mission so that everyone has a place at the table.

Recent Keynotes

Fact or Fiction: Can Fitness Inspiration Help You Go the Distance?

The Body Project at Illinois Wesleyan University, December 2019

When you want to reach your fitness goals, you might look to movies “based on a true story” like Brittany Runs a Marathon to feel inspiredBut when it comes to body image, before-and-after success stories use fact and fiction in ways that could be harmful to your health. Join Dr. Kate Browne for a discussion about what these pop culture stories really teach us and how to find fitness inspiration that gives everyone space to be a winner.

Running Out of Oxygen Masks: Self-Care as Community Care

McLean County Chamber of Commerce Administrative Professionals Luncheon, April 2019

Talk Excerpt: “Instead of thinking about self-care as an oxygen mask, what if caring for ourselves was just oxygen? When self-care is the atmosphere, it’s readily available to everyone and you can have as much as you need without diminishing anyone else’s supply. And most important, it’s required to live. Caring for our physical, mental, and emotional health is not a bonus or a luxury or a quick fix when life feels hard–it’s essential for all of us to do our best work to build thriving families, communities, and, yes, companies.”


100 Years of Diet Culture History…and What to Do About It

Body Positive Fitness Alliance Annual Meeting, February 2019

Weight loss diets have been around for a long time. 100 years to be exact! Fitness professionals are often the first and most trusted educators for clients starting on a fitness journey, and it can be hard to separate fact from fiction when it comes to nutrition advice. In this talk, Dr. Kate Browne will give an overview of the history of commercial diets to explain how today’s diets came to be so popular. This fascinating history will help you stay within your scope of practice and educate clients on how to avoid the diet hype.


Beyond Before and After: Celebrating Everyday Successes On Your Fitness Journey

Advocate Bromenn Health and Fitness Center, October 2018

Fitness media often shows dramatic transformations through the “Before and After” photos when telling the story of someone’s fitness journey. Those photos don’t show the whole picture. You can’t see health improvements like going off medication, improved endurance, more restful sleep or making new friends. In this interactive workshop, storytelling expert and body positive self-care advocate Dr. Kate Browne will help you learn how to recognize and celebrate the small successes in your fitness journey that add up to big changes in your life.

Young Leader Project -- Learning Experience Designer | Story Editor

Working directly with the co-founders, I developed a suite of digital edtech products including a video game wireframe, text-based app MVP and online/offline summer camp using 125+ psychoeducational workbooks and modules. Role included UX research, marketing strategy, and multi-platform content creation.

Taking Up Space -- Founder

Since 2015, I have been writing and creating content for Taking Up Space, a blog that focuses on marketing in the health, wellness, and fitness industries. Formerly known as the Ramp and Stair Exercise Club, this work has been a bridge from my academic research on autobiographical rhetoric to the real-world experiences of people who engage with marketing messages every day.


My episode on personal branding was the #1 most popular episode of Lean the F*uck Out, a podcast for women entrepreneurs. I’ve written or edited over 25 bios for coaches, personal trainers, and other personal brands. I learned that having someone else write your bio is actually less effective than writing in your own voice and having a pro (like me!) edit accordingly. You know more about your strengths and experience than anyone else, and it’s cheaper to hire an editor! Here’s one of my favorite bio projects:


I once took a seminar course in graduate school that was all about the difference between an author and a writer. At the end of 16 weeks, we came to the following conclusion: nothing, really. Whatever you want to call this work, I write about body image and pop culture for web and print publications. Here are some samples:

The Golden Girls (coming May 2020!)

“What Brittany Runs a Marathon Gets Wrong about Running While Fat” (Runner’s World)

The Wellness Quest (FabUPlus)



Just like author/writer, people who teach can be called a lot of things. I’ve been called a teacher, instructor, adjunct professor, coach, and consultant. Here are the topics I  teach:

  • Writing
  • Literature
  • Public Speaking/Communication
  • Acting
  • Humanities
  • Digital Teaching and Learning

I teach individuals and groups and love helping companies find innovate and engaging ways to teach their employees and customers.

“I would listen to Kate Browne talk about a paper bag.”

What I Can Do for You

I want to expand my adventurous career portfolio by doing culture-changing work with fascinating people. I’m ready for remote (or short-term on-site) consulting projects, speaking gigs, writing assignments and memoir ghostwriting (🥳) 

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