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Ever since I started doing mindset work on perspective, I’m often stopped in my tracks when I stumble across lessons in everyday life. Here are two from this morning:

Lesson One: Running in the Background

I listen to Pandora during my workday. I keep it running on a tab while I do other things. This morning, I clicked over to let Pandora know I was listening, and the next song to come on was People, the Vehicles by Maritime, one of my very favorite songs in the whole wide world. Yay! Then I clicked back to what I was doing. A few minutes later, I realized I wasn’t hearing my song. My first thought was that Pandora crashed (frustration, resentment that I had to stop what I was doing to check on it.)

screencap of a Pandora station playing "We, the Vehicles" by Maritime

Yes, my station is called Kate MegaMix

Then I realized that my speakers were muted. I’d answered my phone and hit mute on my keyboard. So, my first reaction was to immediately deflect responsibility away from me AND missed almost the whole song which was running in the background anyway EVEN THOUGH I COULDN’T HEAR IT. Maybe I’ve had too much coffee today, but this struck me as deeply profound. Just because we’re not tuned in to something great doesn’t mean it’s not happening around us. You have to turn the volume up on the good stuff.

Lesson Two: 90 Degrees

I cleaned out my office, which was a major accomplishment for me. I wanted to find a new home for my Sharpies. I had a container to repurpose. Except it has a bunch of holes in the bottom…

Argh! I started in on this little mini-spiral of frustration because this wasn’t working and what else was I going to do with this container and I really want my markers in something and…

Sharpies in a container

Oh. All I had to do was rotate the markers. Perfect fit. So, maybe the solution you’re looking for is already there–you just need to look at it in a different way to change your perspective.