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I received an email from Stitch Fix yesterday with the subject “Kate, We’re Expanding!” And I was so excited because I’ve been waiting for them to start carrying a plus-size line and…oh. The email says they’re adding a men’s line. Seriously?

I couldn’t join Stitch Fix for a long time because I was solidly plus-size, but recently ordered a Fix because I started riding the straight/plus line. I felt conflicted about this choice because I prefer to give my money to companies that carry a fuller range of sizes (like ModCloth, be still my heart), but I wanted the support in styling that SF offers.

So, why do you think I need more styling advice? It’s because as a husky girl and plus-size teen/young woman, I did not have access to a full sartorial palette. Fashion specifically excludes bodies like mine, so shopping for clothes never brought me any happiness unless it was something from the Juniors department I bought to hang on the outside of my closet with a sign that said, “STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN IF YOU WANT TO WEAR THIS.” And I think you’ll agree that’s a sad, twisted form of pleasure that’s not very happy at all.

Now, I certainly don’t blame Stitch Fix for these problems. But I’m at a place in my life that I want to start learning what it’s like to put together an outfit and pay attention to silhouette (whatever that is…) and find out how to use accessories, and I really do value their styling service. On their site, it says a women’s plus size line is coming in Spring 2017, but I was disappointed by the message that introducing a men’s line was a more pressing priority. I hope that when plus-size offerings arrive, I can schedule another Fix secure in the knowledge that they’re doing their part for zaftig women like me who are learning how to be seen.