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Fixing Stitch Fix

I received an email from Stitch Fix yesterday with the subject "Kate, We're Expanding!" And I was so excited because I've been waiting for them to start carrying a plus-size line and...oh. The email says they're adding a men's line. Seriously? I couldn't join Stitch...

Everyday Perspective: Object Lesson

Ever since I started doing mindset work on perspective, I'm often stopped in my tracks when I stumble across lessons in everyday life. Here are two from this morning: Lesson One: Running in the Background I listen to Pandora during my workday. I keep it running on a...

Think Outside the Big Box Gym

When you decide to "join a gym," what kind of place do you imagine? If I had to guess, you're probably thinking about what fitpros call a big box gym--a huge facility with a lot of machines and varying amenities. But there are so many more places to exercise! Here are...

Lake Run Club Profile

I was recently profiled in my running club's newsletter! Check it out here: http://www.lakerunclub.org/profile-kate-browne/

Work Worth Doing: Self-Care as Activism

It's a strange time to deposit a literature PhD dissertation. I finished the final draft in the last hours of 2016, nearly crushed by the weight of the knowledge that the project I poured every available ounce of my energy into for the past 5 years means very little...

Dr. Kate Browne is a writer, speaker, and teacher. Her research interests are varied and tangentially connected. Kate loves iced black coffee, the Bee Gees, and thoughtfully curated terrariums.

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