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I know how words work. I I have a PhD in rhetoric and writing studies, and I have over ten years of experience teaching acting and writing. What do those two things have in common? Well, you have to be quick on your feet as an actor and stay with projects longer than a few weeks as an academic researcher. So, I can write a tagline or ghostwrite a book with equal finesse.


Dr. Kate Browne is a storytelling strategist and writing consultant who helps entrepreneurs find and share their brand stories in an honest, unforgettable way. Kate also founded Taking Up Space, an online self-care advocacy project, to empower consumers to think critically about the rhetoric of health, wellness, and fitness marketing. Her TEDx Talk, “How I Found Real Fitness Inspiration: Saying ‘No’ to Fitspo” shows how autobiographical marketing tactics of the 19th century freak show influence advertising in the fitness industry today. Kate is also a proud preschooler’s mom, an iced coffee enthusiast, and is writing the first academic book on her favorite sitcom, The Golden Girls.


Company: Superfit Hero (Micki Krimmel, Founder and CEO)

Project: Facebook Group

Goals: Superfit Hero wanted to build a community around their premium activewear brand to support their mission of inclusive, body positive fitness, but needed help with engagement strategy and copywriting.

What I Did:

  • Set up the Facebook Group structure including writing the copy for the page description and pinned community engagement post
  • Developed and named “Hero Hangout,” monthly, member-exclusive interviews with body positive fitness influencers and sponsored athletes
  • Implemented member spotlight feature “Heroes on the Move”
  • Wrote copy for the #newfitspo campaign


  • Grew the group organically to 365 members in the first month
  • Hosted 3 “Hero Hangout” live videos including an interview with Louise Green
  • Helped Micki develop a long-term vision for the group and a content calendar to use internally to plan group posts

“I think Kate is some kind of mind reader. She has this way of getting inside my brain and making sense of the chaos to help me articulate just what I’m trying to say with my brand. Kate was an instrumental part of defining the social strategy for Superfit Hero and helped bring our marketing to life with snazzy, intelligent copy. She’s one of the most genuine, humble, and talented people I’ve had the opportunity to work with.”

— Micki Krimmel, founder & CEO, Superfit Hero

copywriter superfit hero freelance

Company: Palms Together Yoga (Kate Vernor, Owner)

Project: Brand Style Guide and Facebook sponsored posts

Goals: Palms Together Yoga went two years without a formal marketing plan. Previous paid ads lacked strategy. Kate wanted to plan a year’s worth of sponsored posts that incorporated relevant themes and events happening at the studio.

What I Did:

  • Helped Kate define the brand story and vision for Palms Together Yoga
  • Identified the studio’s market position as the only studio offering an exclusively restorative style
  • Defined the studio’s ideal client avatar
  • Wrote the brand style guide and sponsored post templates so Kate could write future copy on her own
  • Developed branded taglines (“You deserve to feel good” “No one said change was easy–let us prop you up”) and hashtags (#feelgoodnewyear #feelgoodallyear)


  • 90% increase in revenue from the previous year in the first three months of 2018
  • Membership sales increased despite the studio’s pay-what-you-can drop-in model
  • Kate felt more confident about the direction of the brand and her ability to keep the momentum going on her own

“Defining the vision of who we are as a business made coming up with the marketing possible. Getting clear about what differentiated us–who we are–made the difference.”

— Kate Vernor, Owner

copywriter superfit hero freelance

Company: Divina Artisti (Danielle Marien Turano)

Project: Copy for Print Brochure

Goals: Divinia Artisti needed updated copy with a big impact for a bridal brochure.

What I Did:

  • Revised existing copy
  • Updated call to action


  • Focused copy specifically for wedding clients
  • Increased the punch of the tagline
  • More qualified leads
copywriter superfit hero freelance


copywriter superfit hero freelance
copywriter superfit hero freelance