No diets.

No weird exercise plans.


Just 6 weeks of taking control of how you want to live and putting a plan in place to get there. You CAN have the joy, the love, and the cool summer style you want exactly as you are right now.

Show Up for Summer is a 6 week challenge to enjoy summer fun without the guilt, stress, and shame that comes with “bikini season.” Sign up below and you’ll get a FREE email series that set the theme for the week and feature an interview with a member of the Show Up for Summer Adventure Squad! I specifically picked people for my Adventure Squad who are in the business of supporting people like you who want to learn to live their Best Life without dieting. We’ll cover things like how to find a support system, how to build habits to reach your goals, how to deal with haters, and how to rock a bangin’ beach party outfit!


Show Up for Summer is hosted by Kate Browne, a writer, speaker, and multi-sport athlete affiliated with the Body Positive Fitness Alliance. Her TEDx Talk, “How I Found Real Fitness Inspiration: Saying ‘No’ to Fitspo,” shows how marketing tactics of the 19th century freak show influence the fitness industry today. She is also the founder of Taking Up Space, a self-care advocacy project that promotes inclusive marketing in the health, wellness, and fitness industries. Kate is sponsored by Superfit Hero.


Laura Vineyard, Owner of ShockYard Fitness & Social Club

Laura is a science nerd turned gym-owner and body-positive fitness enthusiast.  After getting a bachelors degree and a PhD in biology, she found inspiration in the rough and tumble realm of roller derby and decided to shift focus and open ShockYard Fitness & Social Club with her wife, Casey, in 2014.  While the athleticism and mostly controlled violence of derby is what brought Laura to the fitness world, she loves coaching folks to help find their joy in movement, whether it’s in skating around a track or lifting weights or getting out for a walk.  She is stoked to be a part of the Adventure Squad because summer brings many great things, including outdoor skating, trail hikes, boating, and devoting much time to floating.

Brianne Huntsman, Plus Size Fashion Blogger & Designer at The Huntswoman

I’m a fashion designer, creative consultant (women entrepreneurs get at me!) and plus-size lifestyle blogger.

I’m a white plus-size queer millennial, currently paying rent in Salt Lake City, but traveling all over the goddamn planet. I’ll be moving to NYC in spring of 2018
and I’m so excited!

I’m an unapologetic bitch’s bitch, a ride-or-die bestie who wants to see us all win.  I studied Product Design Engineering at Stanford University.

Sam Tryon RD, Registered Dietitian (HAES)

Sam Tryon is a registered dietitian specializing in eating disorders, disordered eating, chronic dieting and body image. Sam takes a fully Health At Every Size, non-diet approach to nutrition.  She celebrates the diversity of body shapes and sizes and focuses on helping each client learn to trust their body rather than abusing and fighting it.

Sam is passionate about working with transgender, non-binary, and queer individuals and serving the LGBTQ community overall. She knows how common body image struggles are and how multifaceted the barriers are when working towards healing a person’s relationship with food and their body. Sam has a masters degree in Nutrition from Hunter College School of Public Health and completed her dietetic internship at the National Institutes of Health.  She has also participated in professional trainings on Intuitive Eating and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Sam has a private practice in Silver Spring, MD in addition to seeing clients virtually.

Amber Karnes, Founder of Body Positive Yoga

Amber Karnes is the founder of Body Positive Yoga. She’s a ruckus maker, yoga asana teacher (E-RYT 200), social justice advocate, and a lifelong student of her body. Her commitment to inclusive, adaptive yoga practice empowers thousands of diverse practitioners around the globe. Amber is the creator of the Body Positive Clubhouse, an online community dedicated to building unshakable confidence and living out loud.Amber is an Accessible Yoga Teacher Trainer and a contributor to Yoga International and the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. Through her workshops, retreats, and online yoga and wellness offerings, she seeks to further the message of inclusivity, consent, agency, body positivity, and accessibility for all on and off the yoga mat. She lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband Jimmy, and blogs at