Stop! Wait a minute. Do not buy another diet or exercise program until you hear what I have to say.

I know you really want to press BUY on that WholeCleanShredFire21 sales page, so I’m going to cut right to the chase.

If you’re ready to start yet another diet or exercise program because you’re unhappy with your body and your life, you’re going to fail.

I can see it in your future as sure as the North Star.

Think about all the times you’ve tried to lose weight in the past. Did you do it because you were totally content in life and felt downright jubilant because you have an amazing body that takes you where you want to go?

Of course not! You bought that diet because you couldn’t stand one more minute of feeling like hot garbage in clothes that are too tight, and if you just eat clean, get serious about meal prep and 5am workouts you’ll finally be happy. You bought it, followed it to the letter, got some great results, and started slacking on meal prep. You took a bite of your friend’s dessert on cheat day and promised you’d work out extra hard tomorrow. Then your kid got sick and you had to skip the gym. Then someone brought donuts to work so the whole week is ruined so you just plan to start again on Monday and a few months later you’re back on the couch looking for anything that will take away that too-tight feeling.

That’s not love. That’s torture.

Everything you’ve been taught about the rewards of weight loss is totally wrong. You’ve been told that when you get a better body, you’ll have a better life. So, you buy program after program and none of them ever give you what you need–body confidence that lasts. You can’t diet your way out of feeling unlovable and unworthy.

The truth is that you get a better life by having a better life.

You get a better life by taking better care of your body.

You take better care of your body by showing your body some love.

You can’t take care of something you hate.

I’m Dr. Kate Browne, the leader of the Self Love Squad! I believe that health and fitness choices should be made from a place of love. My research on body-based autobiography has shown me that women need to re-write the stories we tell about our bodies instead of trying to change our bodies to fit the story.

I spent over twenty years in the diet torture cycle–living for Monday and convinced that I didn’t deserve friendship, love, or happiness until I got a better body.

After I started boosting my confidence instead of counting calories, I found all the good things I wanted for myself were already there but the weight loss industry told me I didn’t deserve them. Studying the rhetoric of diet and exercise books helped me see “success stories” for what they really are–a marketing gimmick. Once I started listening to what I really wanted and started making health and fitness decisions with my own best interest in mind, my entire life changed in amazing ways I couldn’t have imagined when I was dieting.

Now, I’m a multi-sport athlete, a writer, speaker, and body confidence coach. I am the founder of Taking Up Space, a project that challenges diet culture rhetoric in everyday life. I write, speak, and coach on body positive fitness and body confidence, and I have been affiliated through the Body Positive Fitness Alliance since 2016. My work has been featured on US News & World Report and Refinery29. I change people’s lives every day just by going out into the world confidently in the body I have today, and I want to share what I’ve learned about showing up boldly with you.


“You made a difference in my life! I wasn’t going to go on vacation until I lost weight, but because of you I decided to go anyway. It was the trip of a lifetime!”

You do not deserve to feel bad about your body. Any diet or exercise program that tries to tell you that is lying.

I do not want you to buy another diet or exercise program because of fear, hopelessness, or because you do not believe in your own worth.

If you’re tired of failing and hating yourself, and are ready to make health and fitness choices that last, you need the Self Love Squad to back you up. No matter what diet or exercise plan you follow, you are guaranteed to fail if you:

  • believe that you can’t trust your own body
  • are stuck in patterns of negative self-talk
  • believe that you need to have a different body before you can start your business/fall in love/go on a trip/wear a bikini/speak in front of a crowd/wear tank tops (<—–me five years ago)
  • break into a cold sweat when you think about your diet and exercise plan

There’s a better way, and it doesn’t involve learning how to settle for your garbage body until such time as you maybe can tolerate the sight of yourself. No, no, no! You can get the same feeling that you get from buying a weight loss program as soon as you join the Self Love Squad. The difference is that I’m with you for the long haul. This isn’t a 30 day challenge or a 14 day fix or an overnight butt blast (ew).

I started coaching women through my Self Love Squad because you are not alone. Too many women feel like their body confidence struggles are something they have to handle on their own, or face criticism from the other women in their lives if they dare to break the “I hate my body” social code.

What would happen if you went out for brunch with your girlfriends and no one apologized for ordering dessert?

Can you imagine being in friend’s wedding without all the bridesmaids talking about how much weight they need to lose before the big day?

What would it feel like to go shopping with your sisters and never feel bad about the number on the tag?

That life can be yours, but you can’t do it alone.


I can’t stop sharing your posts! I love everything you write, and I am SO GLAD I found your squad! Every time I catch myself thinking something bad about my body, I imagine you in my head saying, ‘You’re great and I’m rooting for you!’ and I feel better. Kate is great! :)”

The Self Love Squad looks more like a group text than a group therapy session. We post pictures of cute outfits, share cat memes, and support each other through bikini nerves and sleeveless anxieties.

We are weight-neutral, anti-diet culture, and pro-badassery.

It doesn’t matter what diet plan you follow, how often you exercise, or whether you’re more of a Wonder Woman than a She-Ra. If you’re ready to live your Best Life in the body you have today, you have a place in my squad.

Your one-time payment of $97 gets you access to my Self Love Squad community hosted on Slack. You have direct access to me through direct messaging, and can call on others for support or advice in separate group channels. You get to choose how often you participate, and you can even be anonymous! My squad is THE place for smart women who are tired of feeling bad about their bodies and know there’s got to be a better way. And lucky you–you found us!

The work of making health and fitness choices out of love for yourself instead of a hate-fueled rage isn’t easy, and you shouldn’t go it alone. Whether you’re thinking about making some changes to your diet or exercise habits, or have already made some changes, the Self Love Squad can help you do the heavy emotional lifting in a fun, supportive, high-fives and and hugs kind of way. The body confidence that comes from knowing that you’re making the right choice for you and your body based on love and acceptance is the only way to real change that lasts. I’m rooting for you! I can’t wait to send you a welcome GIF.

Squad Up!

One-time payment for lifetime access
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Self Love Squad a paid program?

The membership fee is in place for two main reasons: 1) an exchange for my leadership and expertise, and 2) as a gatekeeping mechanism. I strive to protect from squadsters from trolls and lookie-loos, and create a community of women who share similar goals. Financial accessibility is very important to me, so I do offer pay it forward memberships, payment plans, and am open to bartering. Email me at if you need a flexible payment arrangement.

Q: Why do you charge a one-time fee? Isn't this a membership program?

I noticed a pattern with the health and fitness diets, courses, and memberships that I signed up for in the past. I would get really into them, stop paying as much attention after a while, then quit. And whenever I did that, I felt like I failed. I want to do my part to break away from that diet culture pattern, so when you join Self Love Squad, you’re in for good. Your participation can ebb and flow depending on the season, your schedule, or any other variable, and we’ll still be here for you. There is no such thing as “falling off the wagon” in my squad.

Q: What do you talk about in Self Love Squad?

Slack is organized by channels, and in addition to our general conversation channel we have channels for cute outfits, helpful resources, the Taking Up Space book club, and a special introduction channel where every new member gets an animated GIF. We also have separate channels for those who are participating in my seasonal Show Up for Summer and New Year Now programs.

Q: Why Slack?

Slack, a group communication app available on desktop or mobile, has several key advantages over, say, a Facebook group that make it perfect for the kind of community we’re building in the Self Love Squad.

  • Slack has no ads, no algorithms, and no surprise diet memes. You know what you’re getting when you come to our space.
  • You can be anonymous on Slack. When you receive the app invite, you create a unique avatar. If you want it to mirror you in real life, that’s cool! But some people prefer to take their pseudonym out for a spin and appreciate the freedom of anonymity.
  • Slack is searchable, and supports text, video, audio, animated GIFs, and files. It’s really easy to use, and you can set specific, customized notifications.