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If you need more information about my work experience and other credentials, check out my meticulously crafted LinkedIn profile. You’ll find my description of Phone Book Marketing there, and if your business is doing that let’s connect so we can fix that.

If you’re not convinced that brand storytelling matters and just want to hire me to write your copy (which is a great idea, because I am excellent at what I do), read on!


Sure, you can hire me as your copywriter, but it’s more important to me that you will die on the hill of your brand story before any digital ink is spilled for your business.

Let me be really clear about this: you will have boring, subpar, ho-hum, meh, it’s-okay-I-guess business results (read: not as much money as you could have) unless and until you get very, very clear about your value.

Oh, yeah. I’m gonna go there.

Copywriters are not magicians. We cannot take a boring, subpar, ho-hum, meh, it’s-okay-I-guess message and spin it into gold for you.

Before you hire any kind of creative professional, you need to understand and clearly articulate:

  • Who you are (Yes, you personally. We’ll get into your business later.)
  • What makes you the best at what you do
  • Why do you do what you do
  • How you want your audience to feel when they’re part of your community

You may think this is a chicken-and-egg problem. How can I clearly articulate this brand story if I need help creating it? You need to remember: there are many ways to tell a story. Take a video, record it in a song, sculpt it, draw a picture, put on a sock puppet play–do whatever you need to do to tell your story in a way that brings out the best of your creativity and passion. Then–and only then–can you write the kind of copy that will bring you to the life you deserve (and trust me, you deserve it all)!

So, what would working with me look like if you need to get your brand story on lock?


I offer a unique consulting service that’s part coaching, part copywriting, and part operations document : it’s called Brand Storytelling Style Guide.

We’ll work together to pull the guts out of your brand story (the coaching part), and put the pieces back together to identify all the moving parts of your brand story (the copywriting part). Then, I’ll put together a document that outlines the tone, voice, specific words, phrases, and writing style elements of your brand. It’s a document you, your employees, your creative team, and even your customers will use to write about your brand.

I look at everything you’ve already written, get you to answer the questions I outline above, and have a few sessions with your input on the elements that go into the style guide.

This is a high-touch, very intense process. As it should be–your brand story isn’t something I take lightly.

There’s no DIY course, express version, or webinar. This work is all in for me and you.

But I promise you that it’s worth it. Here’s what Kate from Palms Together Yoga had to say about this experience:

Kate helped us find the vision of who we are as a business, and that made marketing possible.

Brand storytelling “made marketing possible.”

I believe that with my whole being, and I didn’t even prompt her to say that.

Oh, but that’s all touchy-feely, get in touch with your inner child story b.s., right? 


The revenue at Palms Together Yoga went up 90% from the year prior with more revenue each month.

If you’re a service-based business that has any interaction with actual humans, you need a Brand Storytelling Style Guide.

How much it’s going to cost you to work with me varies based on how long you’ve been in business, the number of employees you have, and the kinds of research I need to do to get to the heart and guts of that big, beautiful brand story of yours. But to give you a ballpark, the investment for solopreneurs who are just starting out is usually around $3000. And when I say investment, I’m talking real ROI here.

If that’s outside the investment you can make right now, do a little networking and get in touch with a few other folks who need a Brand Storytelling Style Guide, and then pitch me your co-working idea. I can make brand storytelling financially accessible with a group coaching experience or a workshop or a short course.

Do I have a portfolio? Yes. Check it out.

Now that you’re ready to schedule that call, click here:

I think Kate is some kind of mind reader. She has this way of getting inside my brain and making sense of the chaos to help me articulate just what I’m trying to say with my brand. Kate was an instrumental part of defining the social strategy for Superfit Hero and helped bring our marketing to life with snazzy, intelligent copy. She’s one of the most genuine, humble, and talented people I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

Micki Krimmel, founder & CEO, Superfit Hero

Kate Vernor, Owner, Palms Together Yoga

My experience working with Kate has been fantastic. I’ve sent her my scattered, awkward idea of what I want to say, and she sends me back pure body positive gold […] but what she has helped me with is also unique to me and to what I want to say. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Raven, Instructor, College Station Pole Fitness